Easy Model Railroad Inventory

RCL Software, Inc. Bob Langer

Download Version 8.5 02/28/2014

The installation file for Easy Model Railroad Inventory may be downloaded from our web site to your computer by clicking the download button found on this page. 

We suggest you download the file to your computer rather than installing it from the Internet. This way you will have the installation file available to you if you should need to install Easy Model Railroad Inventory on another computer. Click here for detailed instructions.

If you do use the program to maintain any part of your model railroad hobby we suggest copying the installation file to a CD. 

We also recommend you take advantage of the backup function included as part of Easy Model Railroad Inventory. This lets you backup all your data and information files in the event the hard drive or any part of your computer fails. 

  Windows Only - any 32 or 64 bit  
  Posted on Model Railroad Hobbyist (http://model-railroad-hobbyist.com/tracker) 10/19/2012

Easy Model Railroad Inventory runs fine on Linux using WINE 1.4.1

Linux, UNIX (BSD), and Mac OS X users can use your software simply by installing WINE
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